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Are Millipedes In Atlanta Poisonous To Humans?

March 15, 2022

People are scared of pests for many reasons. Their menacing looks are chief among them. Many have large eyes like beads and big paws. Others have spiky fangs or sharp claws. Lots are silky or slimy and move with startling speed. It's often difficult to discern whether you can get close enough to kill them without harming yourself. There are plenty of suggestions available for insects and creatures that are frequently discussed. It's a gray area with critters who aren't the talk of the town, like millipedes.

Most Atlanta home and business owners have no idea what to expect with millipedes. They are unsure of how they operate and what their danger factors are. It's definitely vague how to prevent them. With a little reading, you can have all the answers. You can discover how Anthem Pest Control can help you protect your Atlanta property from millipedes.

How Do Millipedes Look And Behave? What Are the Risks?

Millipedes are an inch long, sometimes less than that. Those dominant in North America are brown or black and have orange body markings. They often get confused for worms because they have rigid frames that are slim and segmented. For each segment, they have four legs. It gives the look that they have millions of legs. In reality, they'll only have 750 at most. 

Outdoor settings are ideal for millipedes because they require moisture for survival, and they eat organic matter. Additionally, they like to gather under logs and rocks. You're also bound to find them near decaying plants and leaves, mulch, and garbage cans. Hot and dry weather conditions will send them right to your home or business. Then, their nesting spots will be in:

  • Porches and decks
  • Basements
  • Crawlspaces
  • Garages
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Under sinks

Usual entry points for millipedes are openings in doors, vents, and foundations. Loads of them will travel in boxes and beneath the furniture. Catching them slithering about in daylight confirms an infestation since these invertebrate arthropods are nocturnal.

Thankfully, there are several destructive things millipedes don't do. For instance, they won't bite or sting you. They also won't bother domestic animals, wreck belongings, or spread diseases. However, they still can create issues. Blisters, skin irritation, and discoloration will come if you touch them. Another aspect to keep in mind is that these pests emit a defensive fluid that contains hydrochloric acid. In large quantities, it can be quite toxic.

What Can Be Done to Prevent Millipedes?

You have to eliminate the elements around your home or business that will attract millipedes and support their sustenance. It's impossible to control the essentials of nature, but you can make impactful property changes: 

  • Immediately repair all leaks and moisture dysfunctions
  • Ensure that vents and gutters remain neat  
  • Use a dehumidifier to regulate interior warmth 
  • Reduce clutter and don't stack storage items by walls
  • Close up gaps in foundations and utility lines
  • Attach sweeps to all exterior doors  
  • Mow the lawn on a routine basis
  • Trim greenery regularly, and distance it from the property by two feet 
  • Get rid of rotting leaves, wood, and other natural matter 

You can do everything possible to try to keep pests out of your Anthem home but still find yourself dealing with a problem. In the end, it's best to partner with our team of pest control professionals at Anthem Pest Control.

How Will Anthem Pest Control Handle Millipedes?

Customers of Anthem Pest Control receive complete care. This means interior and exterior inspections, an examination of the lawn, and high-quality treatments. Roof eaves and overhangs, foundations, and more will be thoroughly surveyed. Our experienced technicians will address entryways and utilize safe, industrial-grade solutions to exterminate millipedes. The results will be quick and long-term. You'll receive a detailed service report before they leave. Our affordable plans include guarantees and regular visits! When you call us today at Anthem Pest Control to learn more about our year-round pest control options.