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Common Myths About Atlanta Mosquitoes

May 15, 2022

Have you ever stopped and wondered about mosquitoes? These small, biting pests are a huge nuisance outdoors. They are also a serious concern for people living in third-world countries because of the many diseases mosquitoes spread. To help you better understand mosquitoes and the threats they pose to people in the Atlanta area, here are some common myths and what you should know to keep yourself safe. Furthermore, if you're looking to reduce the mosquito population in your yard, Anthem Pest Control offers recurring mosquito control services.

Myth: All Mosquitoes Bite

There is a good chance that you have seen both male and female mosquitoes, but you can't tell them apart. One way you can tell these pests apart is by paying attention to which ones are biting. You see, only female mosquitoes bite humans. They do this not to feed themselves but to gather nutrients for their eggs. 

Myth: All Mosquitoes Carry Diseases

All mosquitoes are capable of carrying diseases; however, not all mosquitos do. These pests pick up diseases like malaria, West Nile virus, and chikungunya from sick people and animals. They then can transmit the organisms they've picked up to healthy individuals nearby. Another thing you should know is that mosquitoes are not born carrying diseases. Unless there is an outbreak in an area and people and animals are getting sick, mosquitoes will not be a serious risk to human health. 

Myth: Mosquitoes Die After Biting Someone

Mosquitoes are not like bees and will not die after biting an individual. Some species will even bite multiple times in a single day or night until they are completely full. 

Myth: Planting Certain Plants Deters Mosquitoes

There are many smells that help deter mosquitoes, like rosemary, peppermint, and citronella. This has led many people to believe that planting plants that make these scents will deter mosquitoes. The truth is, unless these plants are harvested and turned into essential oils or other condensed products, they will have minimal effect on mosquitoes in an area.

Myth: Eating Certain Foods Makes You Less Likely To Be Bitten By Mosquitoes

In the same way that plants will not deter mosquitoes, eating certain foods will not make you any less likely to be bitten. There are, however, many fragrances you can apply to your clothing and skin that will help deter these painful pests. Many people choose to use mosquito repellants that contain DEET or picaridin. We personally recommend people find a more natural option as there are many great products on the market that do not contain chemicals.

Myth: Bug Zappers Control Mosquitoes

Funny enough, yards with bug zappers are more likely to have mosquito problems. This is because they eliminate insects that hunt mosquitoes. Mosquitoes themselves are drawn to carbon dioxide and not bright lights. We recommend that if you are going to install bug zappers on your property, you also take extra precautions to combat mosquitoes.

How To Combat Mosquitoes In Your Yard

It is not a myth that you can protect your yard against mosquitoes. In fact, it has never been easier to find protection against these potentially dangerous pests. At Anthem Pest Control, we offer our clients comprehensive mosquito control services. Our effective treatments have a two-pronged approach. Our fogger targets mosquitoes in your yard with a grown regulator. We also apply a larvacide to areas of standing water to disrupt mosquito breeding and eliminate mosquitoes as they wander into yards. 

We offer our services in both seasonal services or single-service visits, depending on your need. All you have to do is let us come by and inspect your property, and our team of experts at Anthem Pest Control will do the rest.

Anthem Pest Control is the solution you need if you're looking for mosquito control in Atlanta. Call us today to discuss your options and find a treatment time for your Atlanta property.