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The Dangers Of Having Fleas And Ticks On Your Atlanta, GA Property

February 14, 2022

Many things can be disastrous for your Atlanta home or business. The obvious ones that people have in mind are acts of nature and building aging. Folks often forget about lawn care. Significant consequences may be around the corner when you fail to prioritize outdoor maintenance, such as pest invasions. Some creepy crawlers will arrive even when your yard is in top shape. Fleas and ticks are an example.

Fleas and ticks are small insects that bite humans and animals to withdraw their blood. Diseases can be transmitted in the midst. Find out more about their potential risks and how you can avoid fleas and ticks with Anthem Pest Control.

How Do Fleas And Ticks Operate? What Are the Dangers?

Most fleas are about 0.09 of an inch long at maximum, so it's tough to see them. Their glossy and reddish-brown bodies are very compact. They are wingless, but they can still hit great heights with their jumping hind legs. It's easy for them to reach and cling to your clothes or the fur of an animal. This is often how they get indoors. Eventually, they'll huddle in pet zones, furniture, and carpeting. Without a pet to feed on, they'll fixate on the nearest human or a creature that's outside, like a rodent or squirrel. When they bite, you may have skin inflammation or an allergic reaction. Moreover, you could develop typhus, parasitic bacterial diseases, or tapeworms. Primary infestation signs are:

  • Noticing that your domestic animals are scratching themselves all the time
  • Having recurrent itchy and red bumps on your body
  • Discovering the peppery fecal droppings of fleas on rugs and pet beds 
  • Finding flea eggs on furniture, carpeting, and animal gear

Ticks are much larger than fleas, and, depending on the species, they can reach up to 1/3 of an inch in size. After feasting on blood, they can be even bigger. Many have eight legs. In terms of color, that varies. Once they've latched on to a person or animal, it's almost inevitable that they'll be inside a domicile or establishment. Multiple species target raccoons, rodents, wildlife, and livestock specifically—an equal number of hound dogs and cats. Over 15 illnesses are associated with ticks, including the devastating Lyme disease.

How Can You Prevent Fleas And Ticks?   

You can't be nonchalant about keeping up preventative measures for fleas and ticks. Fleas, in particular, can reproduce with speed, and it isn't difficult for them to do so indoors. Both fleas and ticks will move from host to host rather rapidly. You have to stay ahead of these bugs and their intrusions. Here are the steps you'll have to take: 

  • Cut the grass and trim greenery regularly—distance flowers and plants from your place by two feet.
  • For your property's perimeter, lay gravel instead of soil. 
  • Talk about preventive treatment options for your pets with a veterinarian.
  • Groom your domestic animal and look over their hairs frequently. 
  • Clean and vacuum rugs often. 
  • Put on long-sleeved shirts, tall socks, pants, and boots before going to flea and tick-sensitive areas. Case in point, locations that are grassy, woody, or watery.  
  • Contact Anthem Pest Control if you have critters fleas and ticks could have as hosts.

What Can Anthem Pest Control Do About Fleas And Ticks?

We at Anthem Pest Control have industrial-grade treatments that can't be purchased from a retail store. Our interior, exterior, and yard fogging solutions are unmatched and safe. Humans, domestic animals, and vegetation will not be harmed. Only fleas and ticks will be impacted. Our pest control technicians are experienced and highly trained. You can start today by calling us and receiving a free inspection!