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Home Pest Control In Buford, GA

For more than 12,000 local residents, Buford, GA, is considered the best place to live in the Atlanta metro area. A historic railroad town, Buford has been the birthplace of many famous figures, including cornerback Chris Owens, musician De'Angelo Holmes, and businesswoman Brownie Wise. 

Buford homeowners love their small town and want to maintain its inherent beauty for years to come. That’s why hundreds of residents trust Anthem Pest Control with the ongoing management of their homes, lawns, and properties. Discover our services and life-changing work by calling the Buford, GA office today. 

Residential Pest Control In Buford, GA

Residential pests in Buford, GA, should be more than just an afterthought. When left to their own devices, these creatures create significant issues that lead to property destruction, the spread of illness, or even physical injury. For many homeowners in Buford, pest infestation is their greatest nightmare. 

Anthem Pest Control is Buford’s local provider of expedient residential pest management, addressing infestations with a five-step process: 

  1. Complimentary Quote 
  2. Inspection 
  3. Interior Treatment 
  4. Exterior Treatment 
  5. Follow-Up Services

Confirm your place on the Anthem Pest Control residential roster by contacting our Buford office. 

Are Bed Bugs In Buford Dangerous?

Bed bugs in Buford are some of the most frustrating pests to manage around residential properties. These hitchhiking pests make their way into your home from various locations, including travel hot spots, universities, and healthcare institutions. Even if you practice all the best bed bug control tactics, you may still be vulnerable to infestation and attack. 

Bed bugs are not necessarily dangerous per se. Although these pests can and do bite humans and consume blood, they are not known to spread severe illnesses from place to place. They can, however, cause insomnia, anemia, and secondary infections from scratching bites. Because of their ability to lay up to 300 eggs during their lifetimes, bed bug infestations may worsen exponentially. Any suspected infestation should be property evaluated by a professional pest control agency. 

Anthem Pest Control offers residential bed bug control services to homeowners all over Buford. No matter how large your infestation may be, our team will be able to help within a few quick visits. Learn more by submitting an online contact form.

The Trick To Keeping Mosquitoes Away From Your Buford Property

There are dozens of mosquito species common to the Buford, GA area. Thanks to a semi-tropical environment and high humidity levels, these parasitic pests can both survive and thrive in local backyards.  

Although not all mosquitoes are dangerous to human health, several of the most common species can spread disease from place to place. More often than not, these creatures swarm around residential and commercial backyards during the coolest parts of the day, leaving itchy bites behind on their victims.  

If you’re concerned about the probability of mosquito-borne illnesses around your home or property, try these helpful tips for size: 

  • Start by eliminating any sources of standing water. Any pool the size of a bottle cap is enough to allow mosquitoes to spawn and pupate. Drain fountains and birdbaths, to begin with, followed by filling in potholes or ditches. Any areas that cannot be drained must be treated with a mosquito larvicide. 
  • Reduce any excess vegetation or humid spaces in the lawn by performing all best management practices. Mow often, trim large branches, and thin out overgrown shrubs as much as possible. 
  • Get seasonal help from the professional team behind Anthem Pest Solutions. 

Anthem Pest Solutions offers multiple ways to reduce pests on your property all year long. Invest in successful mosquito control by contacting our Buford office with questions, comments, or service requests. 

Why Buford Homeowners Should Trust The Pros For Termite Defense

Most Buford homeowners know that termite activity could be hazardous in any environment. However, many of these same residents experience ‘analysis paralysis’ when faced with a significant infestation. What do you do when termites begin infesting your property, and what should you do to address things quickly? 

  • If you are currently building a home, research suggests applying an initial construction remedy to the wood, foundation, and walls of the building. 
  • If you have not yet noticed any signs of termite infestation, apply vetted prevention steps to the lawn and garden (specifically moisture management, mulch removal, and proper landscaping). 
  • If the beginning stages of a termite infestation are already present, reach out for some professional assistance at Anthem Pest Solutions. 

The termite control programs of Anthem Pest Solutions not only manage termite problems but eliminate them as well. Explore your options and protect your family from wonton attacks by calling Anthem Pest Solutions’ Buford division today. We are standing by to help in any way possible!