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Located in northern Fulton County, Alpharetta is a suburban neighborhood close to the Atlanta metropolitan area. Known as an industrial hub where many large corporations have regional offices and warehouses, Alpharetta is no stranger to human activity and business.


While good for the local economy, both of these things also mean pest problems can be attracted to our community and really thrive. But pests aren’t just a problem for businesses. They can get inside of homes, too. That’s why it’s so important to learn how you can prevent infestations before they happen and quickly clamp down on infestations.

Residential Pest Control In Alpharetta, GA

For complete protection against pests in Alpharetta, you really need to partner with professionals. At-home methods can help reduce the things that attract pests, but they are never guaranteed to keep them away, and DIY solutions are often not enough to totally address the problem.

Instead, experts can help you deal with pests properly, including residential pest control treatments that prevent them from infesting your home in the first place. Here’s why you should trust your home protection to Anthem Pest Control:

  • Initial Visit: Starting with an inspection and leading into treatments, our comprehensive approach drives out existing pest problems and protects you from future problems.

  • Year-Round Service: Pests are often a seasonal problem, by which we mean that your level of risk fluctuates during different times of the year. To account for this, we offer year-round protection tailored to addressing pest problems that may threaten your property well after our initial service.

  • After First Year: We’ll continue treating your home as needed, but loyal customers also get exclusive access to great deals and promotions as they come up.


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The Most Effective Way To Deal With Bed Bugs In Your Alpharetta Home

Most people assume they know how to avoid bed bugs and get rid of them if they wind up with an infestation. They’re tiny little bugs, after all, so how hard can they be to eliminate? The answer to that might surprise you. You might also be surprised to learn that bed bugs aren’t just an issue for dirty homes, and they don’t only infest your bedding.


In reality, bed bugs are attracted by one thing: people to feed on. That means anywhere there are people can be a potential hotspot for bed bug activity. Bed bugs will also hide in a wide range of places during the day, including linens and containers. That means even your closets and furniture can be a nesting ground for them.

All of these factors are why professional bed bug treatments are the best way to go. Not only can our experts root out all the places bed bugs may be hiding, but our safe and effective treatments completely eliminate the entire infestation, including hidden eggs. For total protection from bed bugs, turn to Anthem Pest Control today.

Are Rodents A Year-Round Problem In Alpharetta?

Thanks to our mild winters in the south, pests can remain active year-round. When conditions outside become less favorable, pests invade properties. But they’ll also be drawn into yards and structures by all the typical factors, like food, water, and shelter. These are easier for rodents to find on human properties than out in the wild.

Proper pest control really requires ongoing inspections and services, which protect you against the threat of pests no matter what time of year it is. Anthem Pest Control can help you with overall pest protection whether you need a one-time service or ongoing year-round protection.

When it comes to rodents, this kind of protection can’t be beat. Rodents spread disease and can damage your property, making effective rodent control a sound investment for the health of your home. Turn to Anthem Pest Control today to get started.

How To Keep Spiders From Invading Your Alpharetta Home

Spiders are the kind of pest that just about everyone has had on their property at one time or another. That’s because spiders are experts at invading and finding places to lay low around a property. But people don’t often think about the fact that spiders signal a larger problem.

Spiders are only attracted to your home because other pests are already there. It’s for this reason that you need to take the following actions to avoid spiders in your Alpharetta Home:

  • Food Storage: Spiders don’t scavenge around for food scraps as other pests do. But the presence of accessible food will draw the pests that spiders hunt.

  • Trash Storage: The same goes for garbage, an attractive food source for nasty pests. Make sure your bins are adequately sealed against pests.

  • Access Points: Cracks and holes, even torn window screens and excess gaps below a door can all be easy access points for spiders. Address these things with maintenance, replacements, and weatherizing methods.

  • Pest Control: Because other pests attract spiders, general pest control is the best way to prevent this chain reaction in the first place.

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