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Seated in Cobb County, the thriving city of Acworth offers residents the ideal blend of suburban and urban living. The public schools in Acworth are highly regarded and the city itself is home to many walking trails, a quaint downtown filled with locally-owned businesses, and unfettered access to Lake Acworth. With mild conditions for the majority of the year but a summer that is brutally hot and humid, pests are a near-constant issue for local homeowners. That’s why Anthem Pest Control is committed to providing residential pest control that you can trust. Our expert technicians customize pest programs for all customers in order to completely eliminate every problem we encounter. And as a family-owned, family-operated local business, we are fully committed to acting with honesty and integrity at every turn. For more information on our offerings, contact us today. 

Residential Pest Control In Acworth

When it comes to keeping your Acworth home free from pests, you need a team you can trust. At Anthem Pest Control, we’re proud to be a locally-owned and family-operated business. This means that we treat every customer with the respect they deserve and that we’ll always service your home with transparency and integrity. We begin every customer journey with a free and fair quote, which is then followed up by a thorough inspection of your property. We then treat both the inside and outside of your home, covering up to 30 feet of the exterior. And with routine inspections and services that you set the pace for, we’ll be able to keep your home pest-free all year long. 

Our exclusive signature treatment formula is specifically designed to be safe for people, pets, and your home, so you never have to take risks when getting rid of pests. And no matter what services you work with us for, when you partner with Anthem Pest Control, we will always go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. Contact us today for more information on our customized

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The Secret To Effective Rodent Control In Acworth

Rodents like mice and rats gain access to Acworth homes either by squeezing through cracks in your foundation, climbing along tree limbs, or following sewer systems. No matter how rodents find your home, the results can be dangerous and damaging. These pests scavenge through your food and trash, leaving behind fecal matter, urine, saliva, and hair that are capable of spreading illnesses like hantavirus, salmonellosis, and tularemia. They create their nests inside your walls, closets, attics, or basements and reproduce at rapid rates that can leave an individual mouse with 120 pups per year. Rodents are also nocturnal, so the majority of their damage is caused at night, making it harder to notice and stop. But perhaps the most notable issue that rodents pose is property damage. Their front incisor teeth will grow uncomfortably long if they don’t chew on things all of the time, the result of which is chewed walls, electrical wiring, molding, furniture, and personal belongings. 


Rodents are clearly not an issue that homeowners are qualified to handle on their own, and that’s why the secret to effective is professional assistance from Anthem Pest Control. Our expert technicians will utilize treatments like professionally installed baiting systems and traps, both inside and outside of your home for your complete protection. To learn more about how we can keep rodents out of your home, contact us today.

Here's What Makes Acworth Cockroaches So Dangerous

Cockroaches are a very difficult pest to get rid of once they’ve gained entry into your Acworth home. While they do scratch and bite, those are not common occurrences. But rather, the biggest danger they pose is the spread of bacteria and illnesses like E. coli, salmonella, diarrhea, dysentery, and typhoid fever. Cockroaches spread these pathogens primarily to your food and surfaces with their feces and saliva. Their shed body parts and byproducts can also instigate allergic reactions and asthma attacks in certain individuals. Some people have also reported an increase in anxiety due to the stigma that’s associated with having a roach problem. 

Because cockroaches populate very quickly, hide from humans. and the most common species — the German cockroach — is growing immune to common pesticides, the most effective form of cockroach control is professional assistance from your local pest expert. Contact Anthem Pest Control for the finest in cockroach care today.

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