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Kennesaw is an old and storied community with southern roots that stretch back long before even the founding of the United States. As such, we’ve got the museums, historic neighborhoods, and cultural events to back up our heritage. But anywhere humans have existed for so long is also a bastion for pests. They glom onto our activity as a way of securing food, water, and other resources. Learning how to avoid pest problems in your Kennesaw home will help you stay one step ahead of pesky invaders.

Residential Pest Control In Kennesaw, GA

With so many big, corporate pest companies and local start-ups out there, it can be tough to know who to turn to when an infestation strikes your property. You want it dealt with right away, not weeks out when they have an opening. And you want to make sure that the technicians use treatments that are effective but also safe.

To find a pest control partner that does it all, turn to Anthem Pest Control. Here’s why you should trust us:

  • Experience: We have over 30 years of experience in the industry, meaning we’ve seen it all and know how to tailor services to your unique home and situation.

  • Whole-Home Promise: We don’t just spray the perimeter of your home and call it good. We treat your whole property because we want to ensure the infestation is thoroughly addressed and won’t come right back.

  • Free Reservice: We’re so confident in our comprehensive approach that we offer a free reservice promise. If we have to come back for the same problem, we won’t charge until we get it right.


For true residential pest protection in Kennesaw, contact Anthem Pest Control.

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Why DIY Cockroach Treatments Often Fail In Kennesaw

When pests invade homes, people often try to deal with the problem on their own. The difficulty is that pests are the ultimate invaders that can actually be made worse by improperly handling them. They dig in and get craftier after a botched elimination attempt.

Only experts know how to root out all the pests and their offspring, which is the total solution needed to make sure the problem doesn't come back. Still don’t believe us? Here are some other ways that DIY methods fail:

  • Resistances: The more a pesticide or other treatment gets used, the more pests develop resistance or find ways to survive it.

  • Access: You can’t always easily get to the areas where pests are hiding. Professionals have the tools and know-how to address your whole property adequately.

  • Proliferation: Pests are called pests because they quickly grow out of control. This proliferation is why a small problem can quickly become a big one.

For cockroach control solutions in Kennesaw, call Anthem Pest Control today!

An Effective Rodent Control Guide For Kennesaw Property Owners

In order to keep pests out of your yard and interior, you really need to address the factors that draw them to your property in the first place. Rodents, especially, are opportunistic pests. They know that it’s easier to find food and shelter inside human homes, so they specifically target our properties for ways to get inside.

Rodents are attracted to our properties for a number of reasons, including:

  • Food: Rats and mice don’t need a ton of food to survive. They can get by on scraps and crumbs, foraged from around our properties. Proper storage and disposal will reduce their food supply.

  • Trash: It doesn’t matter if you properly discard your food waste if rodents can simply root it out of the trash. It's important to keep your bins secured, both inside and outdoors.

  • Moisture: Rodents need water to survive, too, so they will be drawn to areas of a home where it pools or drips. Proper ventilation and pipe maintenance are essential for this reason.

  • Treatments: The best way to keep rodents and other pests away is through treatments administered by professionals.


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