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While it’s often considered a suburb of Atlanta, Lawrenceville is a community that prides itself on its individuality. We’ve retained the charming and historic feel that’s been a staple of the Lawrenceville community since its founding. But our proximity to the big city cannot be overlooked, especially when it comes to pest populations, which grow fat from the resources found in human homes. With so much human activity around these parts, our level of pest risk is higher, too. This is why it’s essential for locals to learn how to get started on proper pest control before an infestation is noticeable.

Residential Pest Control In Lawrenceville, GA

With a town as individualistic as Lawrenceville, we know that you don’t trust just anyone coming into your home. Even for needed pest control treatments, you want to know that upstanding people are taking care of your needs. It’s not enough to be effective at the work; we need to be customer-friendly and respectful of your time and space.

At Anthem Pest Control, we can point to our decades of service as a solid track record for why we’ve earned your trust. Here’s what you can expect from our residential services:

  • Initial Service: Our first visit always contains a thorough inspection and a breakdown of what we think is best for your property. Then, we perform a comprehensive treatment that eliminates pests and prevents future invasions.

  • Year-Round Treatment: But even preventative treatments can’t guarantee protection year-round, especially when different pests are active at different times of the year. That’s why we offer year-round services that keep your home protected at all times.

  • After First Year: Customers who stick with us after a year get access to exclusive deals, making our pricing even more affordable than the competition.


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The Ultimate Guide In Making Your Home Unattractive To Rodents

Rodents are nature’s freeloaders. They take advantage of the easy food, water, and shelter that can be found inside human properties. They know that they’ve got a lot of competition out in the wild, but inside of homes and businesses, they can hide from predators and steal resources.

That’s why, to really protect against them, you need to reduce the attractants that draw them to your property in the first place. Here are the biggest ones:

  • Food: Rodents can chew through most food packaging, not to mention forage for crumbs. This is why you need to be vigilant when it comes to proper food storage and clean-up.

  • Trash: You also need to ensure rodents can’t access your trash bins, either indoors or out by the curb.

  • Moisture: Dripping pipes or pools of moisture provide pests with crucial water sources. Maintain your pipes and ensure proper ventilation.

  • Treatments: The most effective form of rodent prevention comes from professional treatments. Experts can also inspect your property thoroughly for other factors that might be attracting pests.


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Get Quality Termite Control For Your Lawrenceville Home

Too often, people try to handle pest problems all by themselves. With any pest, this is inadvisable because failing to eliminate the situation can really just cause them to dig in deeper and be even harder to eliminate. But with termites, the consequences of ineffective treatments are dire.

Termite damage can lead to large costs and dangerous structural hazards. But most people don’t even realize they have termites until the damage they’ve caused is severe enough to be obvious. By then, it can be too late to avoid those more serious ramifications of termite activity.

This is why professional termite control is the safest way to go. Not only can professionals inspect your property thoroughly to make sure termites aren’t forming, we can also implement treatments that eliminate colonies and prevent future infestations. Don’t try to handle termites in Lawrenceville on your own. Turn to Anthem Pest Control right away.

The Problems Bed Bugs Can Cause In Your Lawrenceville Home

Bed bugs are the kind of pest that people don’t think about until they’re already inside our homes. Because of this, we don’t often realize the many problems that can stem from a bed bug infestation. That’s why we’re clueing you into the biggest sources of concern when it comes to bed bugs:

  • Bites: Of course, most people know that bed bugs feed on people, usually at night while we’re asleep. This leads to itchy bite marks that are often found in tight lines or clusters on the skin.

  • More Bugs: As bed bugs feed, they quickly lay eggs to make more bed bugs. All pest infestations proliferate, but bed bug infestations can quickly grow out of control.

  • Other Pests: As one pest begins to thrive, other pests come along to prey upon them. Turning directly to the professionals can stop this domino effect of pest problems.

For protection from bed bugs and other pests in Lawrenceville, contact Anthem Pest Control.

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