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Mosquito Control In Atlanta, GA

Keeping Mosquitoes Off Your Atlanta Property

Mosquitoes are insects that most people have resigned themselves to having to deal with. No one likes them, and everyone wishes they weren't around, but many assume mosquitoes are pests that you must simply tolerate. Although there's no way to eradicate mosquitoes entirely, it's not true that you "just" have to deal with them. In fact, you shouldn't put up with them. Mosquitoes near your home are some the deadliest creatures in the world, and if you have a lot of them on your Atlanta property, it's wise to take precautions to eliminate as many of them as possible. Anthem Pest Control makes that easy with our mosquito control services.

Mosquito Control From Anthem Pest Control


A full inspection of the exterior of your property starts off your mosquito control service on the right foot. This inspection lets us identify the areas around your property where adult mosquitoes spend time and where female mosquitoes lay their eggs. During the inspection we look for:

  • Shaded areas around your property.
  • Bush and shrub locations.
  • Areas of fresh or stagnant water where mosquito larvae can hatch.


Our mosquito control treatment takes a two-pronged approach to eliminate mosquitoes from your property. First, we target the adult mosquitoes with our backpack fogger, which contains a product with an Insect Growth Regulator. We fog areas all around your property, focusing on the underside of leaves on trees, bushes, and shrubs up to eight feet high.

The second step in our two-pronged approach is to treat areas of standing water to eliminate eggs and larvae. This treatment is accomplished with a larvicide to stop mosquitoes before they have a chance to mature.


You can get our mosquito control service as a one-time treatment, or if you are a VIP client, you can receive monthly treatments between April and October. Since mosquito control treatments must be applied routinely for continuous results, we recommend monthly treatments for long-term mosquito control.

Enjoy Your Atlanta Area Yard Again!

When you have a lot of mosquitoes on your Atlanta property, it's hard to spend time outdoors. If you've been avoiding your yard because of mosquitoes, Anthem Pest Control can help you take it back. Our Atlanta, GA mosquito control services will dramatically reduce the mosquito populations on your property so that you can enjoy the great outdoors again. Request your free quote today.