Why Are Mosquitoes Attracted to Your Home

Are mosquitoes invading your once peaceful backyard? Mosquitoes can be a summer annoyance, but they are also one of the deadliest insects on Earth. Mosquitoes can carry life-threatening diseases. Compared to other animal bites, more deaths are from mosquito bites.

In the Atlanta, Georgia area, mosquitoes spread the following diseases and parasites that can make people and our pets ill:

  • West Nile virus

  • Eastern equine encephalitis

  • LaCrosse virus

  • Parasitic heartworms (dogs and cats)

While not every encounter with mosquitoes will lead to being infected with a disease, the potential is there, so reducing their numbers is needed.

When you have many mosquitoes on your property, it is hard to spend time outdoors. Are you avoiding your yard because of mosquitoes? Anthem Pest Control can help you take it back. Our mosquito control services will dramatically reduce the mosquito populations on your property so you can enjoy the great outdoors again.

Mosquito Breeding

During the day, mosquitoes like to rest in areas that provide shade from the direct sun. Therefore yards with many trees, tall grass, and landscaping can attract mosquitoes. These insects like cool, shaded spaces and can get indoors with little effort. A few ways that mosquitoes can enter homes during the day or night are through:

  • Carports

  • Damaged screens

  • Garages

  • Open doors

  • Poorly sealed windows

Lights that provide bright areas around homes attract mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes breed in standing water, so properties near ponds or marshes that collect rainwater are at risk. If there are regular mosquitoes in the house, check outside for anything that could hold water. These pests lay their eggs in pools of water outside the home.

Removing anything unnecessary and draining the remaining containers as soon as possible after rain showers can help prevent breeding. Various outdoor items that collect water where these pests lay eggs are in:

  • Birdbaths

  • Discarded tires

  • Garbage cans

  • Toys

Ward Off Mosquitoes on Your Property

Mosquitoes only need a small collection of water to lay eggs. From standing water puddles found in toys left outside in the rain to pet water bowls, make sure to empty or dispose of anything that collects water, regardless of how small and unimportant it may seem.

To keep mosquitoes out of your home, ensure all screens, windows, and doors are in good condition and sealed. It is consequential to eliminate hiding spots to prevent breeding grounds for these pesky insects.

Anthems Mosquito Control

While insect sprays and foggers are effective, using them inside a home without carefully following the use directions on the product label can be unsafe. Solve your mosquito problems with the help of the Atlanta pest professionals at Anthem Pest Control.

Our mosquito control treatment takes a two-pronged approach to eliminate mosquitoes from your property. First, we target the adult mosquitoes with our backpack fogger, which contains a product with an Insect Growth Regulator. We fog areas around your property, focusing on the underside of leaves on trees, bushes, and shrubs up to eight feet high.

The second step in our two-pronged approach is to treat areas of standing water to eliminate eggs and larvae. This treatment is accomplished with a larvicide to stop mosquitoes before they have a chance to mature.

Our goal is to help you maintain comfort in your backyard by providing the services necessary to control mosquito numbers. Servicing Greater Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, and Greenville Customers, we offer the professional mosquito control services that home and business owners can count on! Get started today by giving us a call and requesting a free quote!