See If You Qualify For
FREE Quarterly Pest Control 

And/Or Termite Service!

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Become a RewardSpot host today and get your 

Pest or Termite bill covered for life if you qualify! 

You May qualify for both to be covered...

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We've partnered with a company called RewardSpot™ who will cover your Pest or Termite monitoring bill in full in exchange for becoming a "hotspot host" and helping them build their Blockchain network. By deploying a RewardSpot™ in your home you'll help power your community with secure network coverage that helps to locate lost children, pets, keys and more!

Simple to Activate... If your location qualifies you pay the Initial Service Fee based on the service you select to have them cover.  Anthem will send you the bill as stipulated based on the service you select.  You upload the bill into the reward-spot app and Rewardspot will issue payment direct to Anthem, Its that Easy!!!  Never pay for pest or termite service fees again.. GET REWARDED!


The RewardSpot Network helps to power the world's largest peer-to-peer wireless network. You'll provide a secure and cost-effective way for low-power Internet of Things (IOT) devices such as air quality sensors or mouse traps that alert us with activity that send data to and from the Internet. By hosting a Free Rewardspot device in your home or office, you can support your home and even your city with miles of low-power network coverage and get rewarded with FREE Anthem Pest Control monitoring for life as long as your RewardSpot is connected and live!




Apply to get a FREE RewardSpot™ for your home.


Get FREE Installation by a trained technician.


Enjoy FREE Pest or/& Termite monitoring services as long as your RewardSpot™ is plugged in!

Simply upload your bill and redeem your Rewards!

We will analyze your installation address to

see if you will be a good fit to expand the 

RewardSpot™ Blockchain network. Locations

with clear signal and that have other hotspots

near them are more likely to qualify. 



 What is RewardSpot and how does it work?

RewardSpot supports a peer to peer Blockchain Network that helps power wireless, decentralized technology for millions of people around the globe. Our hotspots are making telecom giants a thing of the past and making wireless technology faster, more secure and cost effective.

 How much electricity does it cost to run a RewardSpot sensor per year?

RewardSpot sensors use approximately the same amount of energy as a 5W LED light-bulb.

 How can you afford to offer me free pest control for life?

We are able to sell data credits as you become a RewardSpot host and you help us build our Blockchain network. This allows us to cover the cost of your pest control bill as long as your RewardSpot is plugged in.

Are RewardSpot sensors secure?

RewardSpot sensors are 100% secure. They use cutting-edge blockchain technology which means that all the data is encrypted and safe from hackers. No external data from your regular internet usage or router goes through your RewardSpot sensor, which means that none of your information will be shared.