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Stopping German Cockroaches From Invading Your Atlanta Home

There is a reason why people universally dislike cockroaches. They didn’t get their bad reputation simply from their creepy appearance, although that probably helped. In fact, there are several reasons why cockroaches are some of the worst pests to have inside your Atlanta home. 

First of all, cockroaches are incredibly filthy. These pests love to spend time in the dirtiest places, which is not only gross but also dangerous to the people in your house. They spread the germs they pick up all over your home, putting your family at risk of illness. Cockroaches also reproduce quickly. A small infestation won’t stay small for long. When you couple this fact with the fact that they are often nocturnal and very good at hiding, you begin to realize how easy it is to end up with a sizable infestation in your house before you even know it’s there. Finally, cockroaches are notoriously difficult to kill. 


If cockroaches have gotten into your home, you not only need to get rid of them quickly, but you also need the help of people who know how to do it effectively. Anthem Pest Control has both the experience and the tools necessary to eliminate your German cockroach infestation.

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German Cockroach Control From Anthem Pest Control


The first step in eliminating your German cockroach problem in Atlanta is determining what type of cockroaches you have in your house. We handle normal cockroaches differently than we do German cockroaches, so your course of treatment will depend on what kind of infestation you have.

For normal cockroaches, we’ll perform an interior inspection looking for smudging and oothecae. Smudging is a sign of a large infestation, and oothecae are the shell-like egg casings that cockroaches hatch from. Our inspection for normal cockroaches does not include crawl spaces, but we can inspect nearby trees up to eight feet high to look for wood roaches.


For German cockroaches, we perform a much more invasive inspection. We will inspect your kitchen, under and behind appliances, water heaters, and more. We’ll also set out traps to try to catch them at night since they are nocturnal.


After determining how large your infestation is, we’ll begin treatment to eliminate your cockroach problem. As with the inspection, our treatment protocols vary based on the species of cockroach in your house.


For normal cockroaches, we generally use both repellents and non-repellents. Occasionally we’ll also use an Insect Growth Regulator.

For German cockroaches, we use a combination of products and methods. We will also provide you with a cleaning checklist that you must complete prior to our treatment and any subsequent services. Our treatment includes a non-repellent, hard-kill product, Insect Growth Regulator, bait, and sticky traps.


We include a two-week follow-up service with our cockroach control services. Furthermore, if you have one of our recurring service plans, it may already cover cockroaches. We include normal cockroaches in our quarterly pest control plan. German cockroaches are included in our VIP service as they require monthly treatments to ensure full control of an infestation.

A Healthy Home Starts With Anthem

German cockroaches are bad news for any home, and eliminating them can be difficult. Thankfully, with Anthem Pest Control on your side, you can be assured of a cockroach-free house as quickly as possible. Our proven strategies and treatments will eliminate German cockroaches from your Atlanta area property and keep your family safe from the dangers cockroaches introduce. Contact us today to request your free quote.

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